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How Will Virtual Reality Change the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry has evolved a lot over the last century. And, just when you thought it was about to stagnate, some savvy inventor pulls one out of the bag and creates a game-changer. All it takes is for a few minds to come together, someone with money to see its potential, and a new era begins. That’s precisely what is happening in the fashion industry with virtual reality and VR fashion videos. How will VR change the fashion industry? Like this.

Fewer Wardrobe “Fails”
Around half of women loathe shopping. The very thought of having to enter a store, browse through racks and then try garments on is enough to raise their blood pressure. Then, having to do so with children in tow is even more of a nightmare. To save the stress, many women buy clothing without trying it on, only realizing when they get home that it looks terrible – cue the world “wardrobe fail.”

Virtual reality and VR fashion videos provide a solution. In many luxury clothing stores, you can now use a virtual reality headset to view VR fashion videos. You can see how that item looks on someone else on the catwalk. Plans are even in place to make it so you can wear it without even having to put it on. While these VR fashion videos are yet to trickle down to everyday clothing outlets, it’s only a matter of time before every clothing item will be interactive.

Growth in Luxury Brand Purchases
Some people don’t blink an eye at dropping $500 on a pair of pants. After all, if they look perfect on the model in the picture, they will look hot on you, right? Wrong. That’s not always the case, and depending on the store’s policy, you aren’t always able to return it for your money back. The best you can hope for is store credit.

Therefore, people are not always game enough to buy from luxury brands in case what they purchase is not going to be suitable. If those items have VR fashion videos, however, and you’re able to utilize the technology to see yourself in that item, you may be more likely to take the punt. Given the luxury brand line is stagnating, there’s no time like today for the industry to benefit from VR fashion videos.

Virtual Stores
Most people have embraced online shopping. It’s convenient, and you don’t even have to leave your chair. However, you miss out on a genuine store experience. But, you don’t have to. Using the best VR technology coupled with VR fashion videos, you may soon be able to “walk” through the store, picking out items you want to buy by hand. Such technology is a game changer for the industry.

Virtual reality is changing the fashion industry more than you would think. Time will tell how VR fashion videos and the inclusion of VR headsets instore will transform outlet stores and luxury brands.