H&M v/s old navy: Which store has the better deals

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a clothing giant based out of Sweden. They have a become the big box store for the most common clothing needs of the middle class with physical operations in about 62 countries.

Old Navy is a US-based clothing manufacturer and seller owned by the famous ‘Gap’ and has its operations in several major US cities.

Since both H&M and Old Navy operate in similar markets, competition between them is stiff, mostly in the American cities. For customers, this means more choices for shopping. But is there a real difference between the two stores and brands? We tried to assess the similarities and the difference and here is what we found.

H&M has been struggling for profit since last year. Their profits dipped by about 62% in the first quarter. In the same period, Old Navy has become a profit earner for Gap.

 But if you were to visit the store, the experience is quite opposite. H&M has big bright airy stores with lots of spaces and great displays. Quality of the products varied from item to item so it is impossible to make a generalised statement. Prices ranged from affordable to cheap and the variety was huge as expected.

Old Navy seems to stay true to their brand name. The stores carried massive clearance signs. The store we visited had an exposed brick wall and gave the vibe of an ‘old’ store. Most products cost under $50 and the lighting was not as bright as the H& M store inside. Old Navy doesn’t carry any trendy clothes. But is a great option for the basics. The quality of the clothes varied from piece to piece. They had an entire wall full of flip-flops, but accessories for women were less compared to what was available in H&M.

Overall, they present different pictures with H&M showing a bit classier store than Old Navy.

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