How to appear taller than you are

Your height is decided by your genes and to some extent, by the activities you participate in your childhood and teenage years. Once you reach 18-20 years, you won’t grow vertically anymore.

 If you end up a bit shorter than you liked, it is not the end of the world. There are some neat techniques to help you appear taller than your actual height.

 While these won’t make you one foot taller than your real height, it will add a few inches to the look.

  1. Stay upright

 Slouching shaves of a few inches from your height. So make a habit of staying as straight as possible while walking, sitting and standing. Keeping the back straight also helps you activate the core muscles, which in turn gives you more flexibility and strength.

  1. Lose the extra flab

 Extra weight in your mid-region makes you look short. Lose the excessive body fat from your tummy by exercising, jogging, swimming or other activities. Being fit will also help you wear your clothes in a better way and that will also help you appear taller.

  1. Wear the right-sized clothes

 Both Men and women can look taller by wearing the right-sized clothes. So instead of going for a squared XL sized T-shirt, opt for a tailored T-shirt. Avoid horizontal stripes in shirts and pants. Men should tuck the shirt in case it flows half way below your zipper line. Choose solid colors rather than prints.

  1. Use the right hairstyle.

 If you have a nice head of hair, you can use that to look taller. Both men and women can use the crowning glory to add a good 2 inches to the height. Go for a hairstyle that makes you look angular and frames your face well.


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